Nano Nino - Get IT done!

Nano Nino S.L. a company developing first-generation technology, driven by the challenge of creating highly innovative IT solutions tailored to the needs of industry.
We offer Web, Mobile and Desktop development from any of our branches: our operations, development, and design centre in Alicante, Spain, our trade office in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA and a software development centre in southern India. We design, develop, and build innovative solutions and applications that allow any type of content to be delivered to customers around the world. Nano Nino has extensive experience in technology development and is rich in talent.

Our team is young, energetic, and incredibly diverse. With extensive infrastructure and a meticulous methodology, we offer solutions unique to each customer.
We specialize in custom application development for entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises. Our strength is our ability to scope all mobile platforms: iPhone, Android, Windows 7 and Blackberry. We can innovate and create dynamic applications that are fully integrated with your business.
We develop and offer compelling applications that can be brought to the consumer market with complete success

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